The Progenies of the Babylonian Empire : The Origin, Migration and Settlement of the Black Africans



THE PROGENIES OF THE BABYLONIAN EMPIRE is a historical vignette of the mis-representation, racism and blackmailing of the Black Africans by some archaeologists, historians, anthropologists and researchers. This unique study spans a journey across thousands of years, bringing to life the civilizations of the ancestors of the people we today call Africans. With evidence from linguistics, archaeology, biblical studies, history and philosophy, this book critically challenges those who take the view that ancient Babylon, Egypt, Canaan and Cush belonged to white civilization. Such views serve only to promote racism against black people. The Babylonian Empire existed for centuries. Archaeological research has found out that it was the birthplace of the civilization, science, religion and magic which spread across the ancient world. Much of the religion, science and political concepts of today stem from that empire. This book also traces the origin, migration, settlement and beliefs of the people we today call Nilotic which include the Naath, Jieng and Luo of South Sudan and East Africa. K.J. Liah is a researcher in early origin and migration of the Nilotic people and a humanitarian worker who has been serving humanity in Africa and Middle East for years. He lives in Leer town, Unity State, South Sudan. 

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