South Sudanese Manhood and Family Crisis in the Diaspora By Akuch Kuol Anyieth

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Akuch Kuol Anyieth is a graduate researcher completing a PhD in the discipline of Crime, Justice and Legal Studies at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Her Research interests broadly cover masculinity, domestic violence, and the law.

She has a Bachelor of Legal Studies, Master of Justice and Criminology, and Master of Arts by Research.

Her work weaves together South Sudanese Customary laws, pre-post migration experiences of South Sudanese families, and their adaptation of the western rules of law in the diaspora.She has worked within the criminal Justice system, government organisations and non-government organisations for the last 10 years. Akuch,s work, lived experience, and research reveals many issues that face South Sudanese families that are often not included and rarely considered within the family violence studies.Akuch,s unique position as South Sudanese woman writing about South Sudanese challenges in the diaspora brings an original contribution to existing literature on family violence and South Sudanese traumatic history.

The many dimensions that contribute to experiences of family crisis (violence in families) including the historical context of South Sudanese men pre-and post-migration are core discussion points in this book.South Sudanese Manhood and family Crisis in the Diaspora illuminates the past, critiques the present, and offers an unequalled vision for a way forward into the future.


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