Sacrifice and other short stories By Edward Eremugo Kenyi



This diverse collection of short stories written over a long period and compiled for the first time will leave you wanting some more at the end.

What would you do if your brother is involved in a tragic accident? For this young man, the ultimate prize was worth the sacrifice. After her mother died, a little girl found a way to communicate and talk to her to the horror of her mother’s sister. In a post-conflict village, a boy found a relic that turned out to be something else. When a man presented his girlfriend to his family, he was completely blown away by what happened. Giving a hitch-hiker a ride in the middle of the night was not a good idea for anyone, but this doctor learned his lesson the hard way. An immigrant in the West was haunted by the love he left behind in Africa. This man returned to his country for the Independence Day celebrations, he had no idea how it was going to end when he met a girl at the bar. A family has nowhere to run when floodwaters started rising in their neighborhood. A man wanted for a crime he never committed escaped town to fight another day. And in an interstellar world, a lost spaceship returned to the space station and threatened the existence of the colony.

These are some of the people you will meet and take you on a journey of sacrifice, love, and tragedy in this epic collection of short stories.


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